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Your dream home might be a condominium overlooking the Pacific Ocean or a completely furnished house right on the beach or a beautiful stretch of undeveloped land... whatever your vision of your perfect home Ecuador Home Sales can make that vision a reality.

Ecuador Home Sales specializes in finding great value houses, apartments, condominiums, beachfront property, business opportunities and development projects. Properties are specifically chosen for features that are most commonly requested by people moving to, or investing in Ecuador. Areas include Salinas, San Jose, Olon, Manglaralto, Manta, Playas, Ayagnue - just to name a few.

We find Properties and real estate that have wonderful views, desirable locations, quality construction, security, and of course, great value and the potential for appreciation. We make sure the homes and properties are in good condition and that all properties have clear titles; working with attorneys and other professionals to ensure your investment.

In addition to being an excellent place to live, we believe that Ecuador real estate is an exceptional investment - especially from Salinas up the coast to Manta. There are some wonderful beachfront properties for sale, at prices that you just can't find anywhere else in South America. Real estate prices have appreciated steadily over the last few years, and this trend is expected to continue.

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The Times Are Changing, Will You??

Ecuador is going to do the exact same thing Costa Rica did....get more and more expensive till most of you/us can't afford to own a "piece" of it! I hear people say "Someday I'll"...I wrote a song called "Someday Isle" and it's lyrics are all the excuses or rationalizations as to why "Someday I'll do something"...well, we all know for most Someday Isle is that illusive location we continue to ONLY dream of. I have lived here for almost 6 years now and I am still THRILLED with my decision to call this home. Come visit us and see why Ecuador is STILL the place to be. In the words of Nike's ad....Do It!!!!

Ecuador Properties was created to help you find your place in paradise.We specialize in helping you in the search and purchase process. With over four years of helping our clients we are very thankful for the opportunity to be of service to you. The experience we have gained over the last four years help us to make sure your purchase will go smoothly and be carried out by knowledgeable professionals.

We want to provide you with not only beautiful places to live or vacation, but also make it fun while searching for that dream. Our team looks forward to being your personal agent and guide through the entire adventure. The real estate industry is in its infancy in Ecuador. At this time we are still working to establish the first multiple listing service in Ecuador. We find properties for sale by owner and do all the contacting, negotiating, and research for you to insure your peace of mind in this transaction.